American Sculptural Technographics (Amstegra) is a fine arts movement that emerged in the early 2010s in the United States.


In Amstegra, both the Image (on canvas, paper and other media), as well as the Geometry and Color palette that constitute the frame of the Image (whether that be a frame, plastic or glass cover, other technological materials included in the Final Composition) are equally valuable and necessary components of the artwork.


The Final Composition in Amstegra can consist of separate, cohesive, multi-plane and multi-geometric Images, created, among other techniques, by using various computer graphics programs.

In Amstegra, each element of the Final Composition (multifunctional fastening, informative engraving on the frame, texts and artistic applications on the back, installation inserts, background of the fixed artwork, etc.) technologically complements the Image as the Author desires to harmonize the completed Artwork with its surrounding space.


As defined by the founder of the movement, Amstegra-designer and artist Ol Mordue, "Amstegra is a cluster of images and geometric forms fertilized by the presence of various art technologies."


Ol Mordue, American, b.1953, Russia

Maria A. Smith, American, b.1989, Russia

Svetlana Shebarshov, American, b.1963, Russia